Friday, September 9, 2011


Mayhem Circus Electric (MCE) is a music ensemble from New Haven, CT.
The group found its origin in the New Haven Improvisers Collective.

On "Lubricity", we catch the MCE on November 7, 2009, at the 'Firehouse 12'. At that time, the ensemble consisted of Pete Brunelli (bass), Jeff Cedron (guitar), Bob Gorry (guitar), Paul McGuire (sax & djembe), Nate Trier (keyboards & djembe), John Venter (bass clarinet), and Stephen Zieminski (drums & percussion).
Improvised jazz. An excellent rhythm section. Nice themes and fine improvisations. Quite impressive.

The album got released by NHIC Records and you can find some audio samples of the disc over at the website:

Here's a (raw) clip of what the MCE is about:

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