Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Italian septet Slivovitz recently released their second album on Moonjune Records.
"Hubris" kicks off with 'Zorn A Surriento'. I don't have a clue of what the title means, but this sure is a great way to open an album. It's a jazzy tune, with southern european and balkan influences. It has a playful melody that is doubled by sax and violin. The tone is set.

"Hubris" counts 12 pieces and due to the rich instrumentation and the beautiful compositions, they're all a joy to listen to.
There's a lot of variation, there's lots of surprises and some great solos.

The album has been going in and out of my CD player the last couple of days and I can only conclude that I keep enjoying it.
This is jazz-rock at its best. Obviously influenced by Frank Zappa and by John Zorn, "Hubris" is an album that you should definitely hear.

Highly recommended.

Available from Moonjune


Check out this little YouTube teaser:

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