Monday, May 17, 2010


July 2009, Marshall Allen, Matthew Shipp and Joe Morris took the stage at the Roulette jazz club in New York City.
A recording of this concert has recently been released by RogueArt, a french jazz label.

Marshall Allen is featured on alto sax, flute and on EVI, his fabulous electronic valve instrument. His improvisations are, as always, very impressive. He's looking and searching. Always in control. Relaxed. Travelling. Out There.
The interaction with Matthew Shipp (piano) and Joe Morris (double bass) is impressive. They're clearly listening to each other. Taking the same path. In different vehicules, but on the same journey.

"Night Logic" is a very impressive album.
It's a fine example of how beautiful free jazz or improvised music can be.

The liner notes summarize: "Yet there is a logic to night, it being the only path that allows us to view those stars nakedly & these musicians have surely taken us closer toward that path".

Here's a little video from 2008 of a gig at the Orion Sound Studios:
Paul Sears-drums, Keith Macksoud-bass, Elliott Levin -saxes, flute, vocal, Dave Newhouse-keyboards & bass Clarinet, Marshall Allen-alto sax and EVI

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