Tuesday, May 4, 2010

JOHN TRUBEE 2010 05 02

Your Hate-Filled Offices
Copyright 2010 John Trubee

Thank you universe:
I have escaped your hate-filled offices,
Your grim, gray, dusty, industrial midnight warehouses,
Your tedious, dead-end, standing on my feet forever
retail store purgatories.

I have endured such idiotic shit
merely to earn a dollar.

What a sad, outrageous waste of life.

Today I drive our esteemed elders by busTo Sacramento

To San Francisco
To Bodega Bay
To Napa
To Sonoma
To wineries
To crab feeds
To aerospace, Asian art, military, railroad,
and modern art museums
To General Vallejo's house
To symphonies
To plays
To concerts by Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, B.B. King

Sometimes I drive tourists and wine festival revelers
Around Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.

Thank you universe
I have escaped your hate-filled offices.

John Trubee
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA

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