Sunday, May 9, 2010


"Zapmospheres" has French guitar player LiLo performing the music of Frank Zappa solo on electric guitar.
It will be the opening set for this year's Zappanale Festival, Friday at noon, 2010/08/13 at the Bad Doberan festival grounds.

UniMuta: I know that you performed at the Zappa Conference in Paris in 2008 and that you will be sharing the bill with the Xtra Xtra Orchestra in June. Do you often have the opportunity to perform your Zapmospheres in concert?

LiLo : No, since the Zappa Conference in Paris I haven't played live.

UniMuta: I am listening to the tracks that you have put up your MySpace page right now ( They sound great. Do you still have the intention to release them on album?

LiLo : Thank you. Yes, I have a master ready to go. Didier from "Les Fils de l'Invention" told me he was in touch with a german company that could be interested... We'll try to make it more concrete this summer.

UniMuta: Can you tell me a bit about your musical activities? What other music do you play? Are you involved in other bands or projects?

LiLo : Well, I lost a couple of years with two projects that didn't make it... Now, my main activities are focused on my band "Later that night..." ( a classic-rock band (well, not that classic....) with an incredibly gifted young female singer-guitarist (Jessie Lee). I write all the music and lyrics and, of course play guitar ^^. We recorded a self-produced album and are now making our first gigs around Paris.

UniMuta: Talking gear... I love your guitar tone. What guitar do you play on, and which effects do you use? Do you use a loop system as well?

LiLo : I play on Steinberger guitars, I have two Spirit models which I equiped with Seymour Duncan pickups. The one I use for my Zappaesque activities is a Deluxe which I took off the central single coil and installed one SH11 and one SH2. A powerful set, but I made them be splittable so they can sound like a good old Strat too... The rest is secret cooking ! And yes I sometimes use a Boss RC20xl for looping ;-)

UniMuta: And on August the 13th, you will be opening the Zappanale festival on the main stage at the festival ground. How do you feel about it?

LiLo : Well, it's an honour for me that Thomas Dippel chose me after listening to my Zapmospheres tracks. It will be a pleasure !

UniMuta: Are you familiar with Zappanale. Have you visited the festival already?

LiLo : No, it will be my first time.

UniMuta: Have you seen this year's line-up? Are there bands that you want to check out?

LiLo : I'm really curious to see all those bands from all over the world, and I'm really excited to see, ( and I hope to meet, or even jam with... :-) all the former musicians of Frank Zappa !

LiLo will be performing on the main stage at 12.00 h on friday 2010 08 13.
I'll be there, and so should you.

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