Sunday, March 1, 2009


- - - ZAPPATiKA's first UK tour in March - - -

With a new line-up , a new album out ,a forthcoming 'virginal' UK tour in March and then a tour of Germany ,ZAPPATiKA , a 6 piece international ensemble with a Brit front-man and all living in Amsterdam, are busy boys !

A blend of lead guitarist/singer Mcinnes' own compositions and some very strong influences from genius Rock-composer Frank Zappa , the music is versatile, often complex, where possible funny and often very exhilirating....for the band and the audience !

Try to catch them on their week long UK tour from March 18 - 23
The shows on this first UK tour will feature many of the bands own eclectic compositions and also some Zappa tribute sections as an added bonus !

18 March 2009 ZAPPATiKA play The Plough, Walthamstow.
19 March 2009 ZAPPATiKA play the Vibraphonic Festival in Exeter
20 March 2009 ZAPPATiKA play The Lodge, Gwespyr, Hollywell.
21 March 2009 ZAPPATiKA play Zappateers Party, Chorlton, Manchester.
22 March 2009 ZAPPATiKA play The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham

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