Saturday, March 28, 2009


-- a message from the RalphGang --

Residents friend!

A new limited edition is upon us, and this will make you smile.

ICKY FLIX LIVE, as recorded in Seattle in the Experience Music Museum,
this was one fantastic show. There was a HUGE video screen behind TheResidents for this show, showing the DVD vids, and projecting live image plus a crazy light show that was part of the museum. This wasn't quite the same show that toured the rest of the world. And there were 5 cameras there to capture the show.

AND< there are only 500 copies of this. So it won't last long.

AND< there is a package deal, if you so desire, for only 125 of these, you can get the Icky Live DVD plus the Icky Flix Brain Bag!
Not to mention, there are all of the new OFFICIAL PRODUCT hoodies andtees, plus polo tees and kids tees which won't be around for much longer.

And lastly, if you TWEET, you can follow Ralph America now with Twitter.
We're @ralphamerica - we'll be announcing small sales, some items thatare too small for a big email blast, daily discounts etc - so follow up!

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