Wednesday, March 4, 2009

THE RESIDENTS -- One more Bunny eBay item...and a some Official Products

Howdy Residents friend.

We were confused by Bunny's ebay list, and left off one item. That item is now listed (the fish rug). Boy, did we get an earful today when he found out.

Also new on Ralph America...Official Product wear. The new Official Product logo never got a proper garment here at Ralph, so now you can grab one. On either a tee or an American Apparel black hoodie. Yummy.

Have a kid? Or a friend with a kid? A neighbor with a kid? A kid with a kid? We have a new kid's eyeball tee (not the classic eye, another one).Recommended for the playground, softball scrimmage and jumprope.

Lastly, because many of you have asked...a new polo, collared shirt is here! Slate color, small eyeball, lots of class.

And if you haven't been watching...Bunny (or Roger) is getting juicier by the episode. - and this Friday Bunny's eBay auction items will be ending. Check them out, with 60 items, yer bound to find something you'll like!

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