Friday, March 13, 2009

ZAPPATIKA! 20090313 - Coincidental New Tour CD

Whilst ZAPPATiKA is working on the next "big" studio album STRICTLY FRANKLY to follow on from their September 2008 release THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT of the DODO ..... they are releasing what they call a "coincidental cheep and nasty Live CD", called LIVE AND KICKING on Monday 16 March to coincide with the forthcoming UK and German tours.
The CD will be on sale at all gigs and also thru the bands Myspace and Reverbnation sites from next week....and the price ?

A staggeringly cheeeep and nasty - FIVE ...yes,... 5 pound-euro-dollars only !!!

The track list on the LIVE AND KICKING CD is as follows;(all 100% Live)

ZAPPATiKA trax: Spanish Highwayz,Thru the Wormhole,Mahavishnu Mind,My Little Pony,Dark Room,Rainy Days,Space Flip,Leroy
Frank Zappa trax ; City of Tiny Lites,My Guitar wants to kill your momma,Bamboozled by love, The Torture Never Stops,Winoman, Black Napkins & Cosmik Debris

get it while its hot !

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