Saturday, May 27, 2017


In 2015 the Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier had already surprised us with "Chasing Tales", an impressive guitar album. A couple of months ago, the duo released "The Colours Of Time", a beautiful sequel.

Pete Oxley is a renowned jazz guitar player (who owns a jazz club in Oxford). He has released 14 cds with original compositions.
Nicolas Meier blends Metheny-esque jazz guitar lines with Turkish inspired world music. Next to touring and recording with the Meier Group, he has been part of Jeff Beck's band for the last three years, performing all over the world.

"The Colours Of Time" consists of two parts: there's the first disc with just the two guitars, and there's also the second disc with a quartet.
This is great. And I really like the second disc (with Raph Mizraki on the bass, and Paul Cavaciuti on the drums). Beautiful melodic jazz.

The duo recently kicked off their tour with a number of concerts in Europe.
Next month, Nicolas Meier will doing a number of concerts to promote his "Infinity" album, and later this year, in October, Ncolas will be touring with Dewa Budjana !!

Try to catch them live, and in the meantime, give "The Colours Of Time" a try !

Here's a live fragment : Pete Oxley (12 string jazz guitar) and Nicolas Meier (11 string fretless guitar)

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