Sunday, May 7, 2017


Multi-instrumentalist and composer Eric Cullen released an anthology album in 2011. Subtitled "1989 - 2002 : The Neptunes And Mermaid Years", the collection of songs lets you take a look at Eric's various projects as released by the Neptunes and the Mermaid labels.

I like these sort of compilations. It's a great way to listen to various aspects of a musician. You also get a good impression of how an artist evolves.

The reason for me to dive into Eric's "Anthology" album is a track entitled 'If We'd All Been Livin' In California'.
Originally released by Frank Zappa on his "Uncle Meat" album, 'If We'd All Been Livin' In California' is a spoken word / conversation fragment between Frank Zappa and Jimmy Carl Black.
For this occasion, it got re-recorded by Eric Cullen and Glen Murrell with additional music composed by Eric. This is fun !

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