Thursday, May 25, 2017


Citadelic, the experimental jazz festival, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The festival kicks off tonight (May 25) and will be on full speed next week: from June 1 until June 5.

At the Citadel Park in Ghent, Belgium.
Check out the complete program here:

Jorge Rossy Vibes Quintet ft. Mark Turner, Al Foster
The Singing Painters ft. Carver and Horn
4tet Sal La Rocca, Lieven Venken, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Pascal Mohy
Patrick De Groote - Chris Joris - Paul Van Gysegem
Llop ft. Brice Soniano
Samuel Blaser Trio ft. Marc Ducret
Lilly Joel
Hamster Axis
Bruno De Groote / Ben Faes
Rodrigo Fuentealba invites Philip Weiss and Tsubasa Hori Taiko
De Beren Gieren Gents ft. Fulco Ottervanger
3/4 Peace : Ben Sluys, Christian Mendoza and Brice Soniano
Praed psychedelic shaabi van Beirut
Steiger Gents
Ruben Machtelinckx and Karl Van Deun
Pak Yan Lau
Frederick Leroux
Raphael Malfliet
Osama Abdulrasols qanun
Klankenbos ft. Bassss project Musica
In Memoriam Global Village ft. Xu Fengxia
Paul Van Gysegem 3 ft. Giovanni Barcella and Erik Vermeulen

A number of these artists will also be appearing on the JazzCase Festival in Neerpelt (from June 2 to June 3)

10 years of Citadelic and JazzCase !!

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