Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Performing or interpreting the music of Frank Zappa can be two different things. Actually, it can be five or six different things, all depending on how you look at it.
Spanish saxohone and flute player Perico Sambeat shows one of my favourite approaches. Perico uses re-arranged Zappa melody lines as a basis, as a vehicle for his ensemble to improvise on.
And take it from me, when I say "re-arranged", I mean "RE-arranged". This is great !!

It all started at the Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar in Valencia as a project entitled "Frank Zappa's Alchemy", directed by Perico Sambeat as part of the Jimmy Glass Festival on November 18, 2015.
The actual album got recorded in June 2016.
  • perico sambeat: alto and soprano sax, flute, tambourine
  • javier vercher: tenor and soprano sax
  • voro garcia: trumpet
  • toni belenguer: trombone
  • santi navalon: keyboard
  • ivan cabrian: guitar
  • julio fuster: banjo, electric banjo
  • miquel 'rochet' asensio: drums
I got my copy through

Don't hesitate. You need to hear this.
  1. zomby woof
  2. it must be a camel
  3. don't you ever wash that thing?
  4. for calvin
  5. imaginary diseases / tink walks amok
  6. inca roads
  7. i promise not to come in your mouth
  8. a pound for a brown
  9. the eric dolphy memorial barbecue
  10. peaches en regalia
Essential listening !!


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