Saturday, December 21, 2013


Insomnio performed Frank Zappa's "The Yellow Shark' in Eindhoven last Thursday.
Beautiful !
An audio recording of this show turned up at Zappateers:

Yesterday, Insomnio played in Amsterdam.
In case that you're wondering what you've missed, here's the setlist plus some great video footage.
Thanks to Unicapb21

01. Intro
02. Dog Breath Variations
03. Uncle Meat
04. Outrage At Valdez
05. Times Beach II
06. III Revised
07. Be-Bop Tango
08. None Of The Above
09. Ruth Is Sleeping
10. Questi Cazzi Di Piccione
11. Times Beach III
12. Get Whitey
13. G-Spot Tornado

** encores **
14. Uncle Meat
15. G-Spot Tornado

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