Sunday, December 8, 2013


In the 1980s, the Ralph Records label issued a number of 7" samplers to promote their artists. These EP's carried the same slogan as the Ralph Records catalogues: "Buy Or Die".

A couple of weeks ago, I received a stack of 7" singles. Out of the blue. As a gift. Great stuff: Residents, Snakefinger, Chadbourne, ... and three fine "Buy Or Die" samplers !!

Here are the pictures of the "Buy Or Die" samplers.

  • various artists: buy or die 1980
        (1980, 7", usa, ralph records rr-8007-e) - sampler, incl. mx-80 sound, snakefinger, tuxedomoon & the residents

  • various artists: buy or die number #14
        (1987, 7", usa, ralph records rr-8714) - sampler with negativeland, the residents, snakefinger, and renaldo & the loaf

  • various artists: buy or die #14 1/2
        (1987, 7", usa, ralph records r-1127) - sampler incl. voice farm, club foot orchestra, frank harris and maria marquez, and the residents

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