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The Band From Utopia was a group of about ten musicians who for many years performed and recorded with Frank Zappa. 
As The Band From Utopia, they recorded and performed Zappa's music.

July 1994, the Jazz Open Festival was held in Stuttgart, Germany. The Band From Utopia headlined the festival. I remember seeing the Band From Utopia in Cologne, a couple of days after the Jazz Open Festival. These were the only two concerts in Germany at the time.
Fortunately, the band did some more concerts in the states, but as time passed, the project dissolved.

But now they're back!!
The BFU, or Band (Banned) From Utopia are touring Europe as you're reading this. The tour even got a pre-tour concert at Zappanale. I might not be able to catch the band now, but I was glad that I saw them at Zappanale.

the setlist

Zoot Allures, Montana, Marqueson's Chicken, Society Pages, Dupree's Paradise, Inca Roads, Black Page #2, Zomby Woof, Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue, Doreen, What's New In Baltimore?, Cosmik Debris, City Of Tiny Lites, Big Swifty, Whippin' Post, The Illinois Enema Bandit

Familiar sounding vocals by Robert Martin and Ray White; Ed Mann on the electronic marimba;  Ralph Humphrey on drums; Mike Miller on guitar; Albert Wing on saxes, and the great Tom Fowler on bass.

Their latest tour started at the Zappa Union festival earlier this month.
This time with Morgan Agren on drums.

Check out Robert Martin's website for the dates:

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