Sunday, November 3, 2013


Later today, The Residents will be releasing a new album:
"The Delta Nudes - Greatest Hiss".
It's a new album, but it will present older material.

Big Brothers says:
Blame me for this one. Last year I came up with the "brilliant" idea for the ERA B4-74 web site. As a product idea I assembled some of the old poorly recorded music from the late 1960s and early 1970s. I made a download mp3 collection. Of course there was actually little interest in the B4-74 web site, or its many products, other than some kind of perverse attraction in the old recordings. So here is that collection of old stuff, only cleaned up and lossless. Additionally there is music that has never been heard outside of the archive collection. Perhaps with good reason. Tapes that hiss are no longer considered an obstacle. So here it is. A collection - no, an expanded collection - of music from a time when there was no thought of record companies, touring Europe, or selling refrigerators for a living. Welcome to the world of The Delta Nudes.

And there's more:
The Residents are offering various, seperate tracks through the typical download channels.

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