Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Trio Monne is bass player Simone 'Monne' Bellavia's jazz trio.
The album presents 11 tunes. A nice mix of original composition plus a number of excellent coverversions of compositions by Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter and Frank Zappa.
Jazz Rock Fusion.

The album ends with the Zappa composition 'Pound For A Brown'.
'Monne' Bellavia is quite familiar with the music of Frank Zappa as he also is the bass player for Ossi Duri, the Italian band that started out performing the music of Frank Zappa quite some years ago. Some of their Zappa concerts even featured former Zappa guitar player and vocalist Ike Willis.

An excellent album.
A fine addition to The Others Of Invention.

Recommended listening !!

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