Monday, January 4, 2016


They are not satanic, they just make God cry.
They don't play samba, they decompose samba.
They are not a trio, they are a quintet.
So definitely, they are Satanique Samba Trio!
Imagine Tom Zé without vocals!! Or Captain Beefheart in a Brazilian mood!!!

Thursday 7 Jan 2016 @ Soul Inn, Plattesteen 18, 1000 Brussels
Friday 8 Jan 2016 @ 4AD, Kleine Dijk 57, 8600 Diksmuide
Saturday 9 Jan 2016 @ OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075 XL Amsterdam
Sunday 10 Jan 2016 @ L'Aquilone, Boulevard Saucy 25, 4020 Liège
Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 @ Merleyn, Hertogstraat 13, 6511 RV Nijmegen
Thursday 14 Jan 2016 @ Underflow Record Store and Art Gallery, Kallirois 39, Athens (+ DJ [Z])
Friday 15 Jan 2016 @ Underflow Record Store and Art Gallery, Kallirois 39, Athens (+ DJ [Z])
Saturday 16 Jan 2016 @ Underflow Record Store and Art Gallery, Kallirois 39, Athens (+ DJ [Z])

Satanique Samba Trio was founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of posing as an idiosyncratic force on the Brazilian Music landscape. Two years later, the quintet released their debut EP, MISANTROPICALIA.

In 2007, the band unearthed the critically acclaimed LP SANGROU, which led its way into concerts on Brazilian soil that also featured names as big as Tom Zé and Naná Vasconcelos.

After a three year long recording hiatus, as they toured around Brazil (big country, you know the drill), BAD TRIP SIMULATOR #2 was released with undeniable success. The "putrefaction trilogy" had just started:

BAD TRIP SIMULATOR #1 from 2011 (yep, one year AFTER #2) and BAD TRIP SIMULATOR #3 (2013) would eventually follow the conceptual path of decay.

By the earlier months of 2014, the band put together a digital compilation called BADTRIPTYCH (Far Out Recordings – UK) intended to lump up the “catchier” songs from the aforementioned trilogy. Still in the wake of a creative spike, the quintet (remember: not a trio) released a 7-inch (45 RPM) vinyl record called MÓ BAD on 2015. Now they might be hitting your shores.

No Brazilian traditional rhythm remains unscathed on Satanique Samba Trio’s trail of desecration. From samba to forró, from bossa nova to lambada, this Brasília-based quintet, sometime sextet has been adding virulence, dissonance and provocation to Brazil’s musical heritage since 2002. Their music is driven by a simple but fertile aesthetic guideline: the deconstruction of the most recurrent clichés on Brazilian folk music. This very attitude (that some might describe as punk rock-ish) actually explains their name. You see, the word “Satan” is derived from the Hebrew term Ha-Satan, meaning “the accuser, the adversary”.

In other words, if you ever wanted to know how traditional Brazilian music would sound if it went infernal, Satanique Samba Trio is the fastest and coolest way find it out.

The boys from Satanique Samba Trio: Munha da 7 – electric bass and regency, Gustavo “Don Chavez” Elias – acoustic guitar, Jota Dale – cavaco, Lucas “Sombrio” Muniz – bass clarinet and Lupa Marques – drums.

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