Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Next to the recent 'Who Are The Brain Police?' single from a couple of days ago, the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra (or Z.E.R.O. as they're also called) has also made their beautiful rendition of Frank Zappa's 'Montana' available.
Originally released some 40 years ago on Zappa's "Over-Nite Sensation".

Kevin Crosby adds:
"Montana is one of the most popular songs by Frank Zappa. A light hearted, surreal story about a wrangler of dental floss and his pygmy pony. Z.E.R.O.'s rendition of Montana brings a little funk and swing into Montana. The band explores new territory in Montana with the help of the help of world-acclaimed drummer Prairie Prince (primarily known for his work with The Tubes and Todd Rundgren) and Wanz (Michael Wansley from Macklemore's "Thrift Shop")."

More secret info from Kevin Crosby:
"The guitar solo has quotes from 007 and Mission Impossible underneath it and the ukuleles are playing a twisted version of beginning theme from Tubular Bells at the end."

Do I like it?
I love it.

Check it out and buy it at:

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