Sunday, June 12, 2011


Shortly after the December 11 2010 concert of Zappanoia (the band), Jorge Manuel Gomes Rodrigues (who had played the part of Zomby Woof at the Zappanoia band's Zappanale concert in 2003) took over the Zappanoia Association.
Eduardo Cunha continues with Zappanoia (the band), but is no longer linked to the Zappanoia Association.

The Zappanoia Association organises concerts (including the Zappamundo festival).

While Zappanoia (the band) has temporary been put on hold.

I received an e-mail from Eduardo Cunha that he was not happy with the hostile take-over by Jorge Rodrigues.
Eduardo also stressed that the recent Zappanoia gigs that were posted on the United Mutations blog are by no means concerts by the Zappanoia band. These are concerts by other bands, organised by Jorge Rodrigues (the Zappanoia Association).

As a result, I have now two entries up at the United Mutations Archives. One for Zappanoia (the band) and one for Zappanoia (the organisation).

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  1. As i've stated before at adress i was ablle to retrieve back, it seam to be simple mather of good and evil; the issue goes deep in private mathers i dont have the nerve to expose.

    I only refer here the well known repulse Zappa manifest to drugs is not in the way of life of the psicopat who dream to take over my life.
    Eduardo Cunha