Friday, June 10, 2011


September 15, 2010, The Baked Potato offered two concerts. The first one was by the Bryan Beller Band, the second one by the Mike Keneally Band. As you probably know, the line-ups for both bands is the same. They just play other compositions.

So September 15, The Bryan Beller band did a superb show. It is documented on his very recent "Wednesday Night Live" album, available both as an audio CD and as a video DVD.
And now there's MK's "Bakin' @ The Potato!", which could be considered as some sort of follow-up, except for the fact that the band plays Mike's compositions.

"Bakin'" is a very impressive album. It's a bit more straight-forward than MK's more recent albums (probably because it's played live), so it will be a nice introduction for the non-keneallyheads, but it's certainly a must-have / must-see / must-listen for everyone who likes Mike Keneally's music. I love it.

Here's two of my favourite tracks of this album, as performed by the MK / BB duo a couple of months earlier. 'The Dolphins Is Smart' is a beautiful, jazzy MK track, while '1988' is Mike's FZ tribute.

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