Saturday, June 11, 2011


The SFFJC website says:
"founded in 2008, the san francisco jazz collective is a rotating group of well-seasoned musicians that record their music with no charts, no chord changes, no discussions... they simply ‘hit record’ and play. the results have been amazing... sometimes: straight-up jazz, rock, fusion, electronic, blues and even a bit of funk--but always reaching... "

"November" has Ron K on the guitar, menasche on drums and percussion, and the exceptional Scott Thunes on bass.
The liner notes tell us that the album was recorded in one session, without any overdubs, in (you guessed it right) November 2009.

I've listened to the recorde a couple of times today, and I do like it.
"November" is an improvised rock album. My best description might be 'a steady rhythm section with guitar soundscapes'.
Despite the name of the ensemble, there isn't much jazz or free jazz to be discovered on this album. And that's the only remark that I have. I was expecting something a bit more experimental, a bit more 'free'.
So I was a tiny little bit dissapointed..., but I still think that it's a fine record.

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