Sunday, June 12, 2011


A little while ago, the WM Recordings newsletter mentioned this new release: "Ostrich Von Nipple - Contemplates The Cosmos". As you might imagine, I've always been attracted by bands with funny names. Especially when they involve The Cosmos.

Anyway, the newsletter also mentioned that Nolan Cook participated in the recording. I really like what Nolan Cook is doing as a Resident, so I had to check out the samples section over at WM Recordings and I was immediately sold. The album arrived over a week ago, and I've been giving it a spin every day.

"Ostrich Von Nipple - Contemplates The Cosmos" takes you to another place. OVN is obviously influenced by The Residents and Nolan Cook's collaboration only emphasizes this.
Does this bother me? Absolutely not. I think it's great.

Quirky compositions and great guitar work. Just what I need.

"Ostrich Von Nipple - Contemplates The Cosmos" is available as a regular CD (thank you !! I just love this little round things), but can be bought as a digital download as well.
All I need now, is a sheet with the lyrics so that I can hum along.

Highly Recommended.

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