Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm fully aware of the fact that I can get rather enthousiastic about good music every once in a while. And I also know that I mentioned this recent Panopticon album a little while ago, but this one definitely needs your attention.

Domenico Solazzo's Panopticon project (he spells it PaNoPTiCoN but I find that too difficult to type) has been going on for seven seasons already. Panopticon is a project in which Domenico invites different musicians all the time. The result is a completely improvised concert, often with musicians that are playing together for the very first time.

The interesting part about the April 12, 2011 gig at the 'El Negocito' club is that some of the participating musicians have a back-ground that has a link with Frank Zappa's music. Michel Delville (guitar) is the leader of The Wrong Object; Pieter Claus (marimba) had a band (Whatchamacallit) that performed the music of FZ, and he does play an occasional Zappa composition with his PC3O band as well; and then there's the fabulous Bart Maris who you should know from his work with Flat Earth Society, X-legged Sally, the recent Corrie van Binsbergen "Over De Bergen" project, and much, much more.
Add Olivier Catala on bass, and Domenico Solazzo on drums, percussion (and direction), and you've got a top notch band.
The result is marvelous. And you don't have to take my word for it. Just go to the Panopticon website and download this concert. You won't be sorry.
And if you like to surround yourself with these little round objects, you can even order the concert on CDR.

Great improvisations. Fine interaction.
Just marvelous.
Highly recommended.

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