Sunday, May 17, 2020


Originally released in 1984 as a vinyl album on Sun Ra's Saturn label, "Celestial Love" got a digital  reissue on the Cosmic Myth label in 2015. This download-only re-release did come with a bonus track.
Finally, the album got a proper reissue on the Modern Harmonic label. Both on vinyl and on CD and including the bonus track.
Beautiful.Great package as well. Comes with an obi.
John Gilmore on tenor sax, Marshall Allen on alto sax, June Tyson on vocals !!

Modern Harmonic adds :Though Sun Ra was renowned for outrageous music and performances, Celestial Love is a reminder that he was a man of many moods, with a deep respect for jazz history. His embrace of Futurism never implied a rejection of the past. Even rocket ships were constructed with raw materials discovered eons ago.

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