Friday, May 8, 2020


A message from Kurt Morgan (who is producing and orchestrating Chris Opperman's latest release) :

Composer Chris Opperman and I are very excited to share this video premiere with all of you.

Over the last year, Chris and I have been working on Chamber Music From Hell, an album of some of his more challenging compositions for chamber ensemble and I am happy to report that we can see the finish line approaching.

The following video for “Waking Up” is a visual representation of a piece from that collection; one that attempts to convey some kind of peace, balance, and relief from the challenging music that precedes it.

We hope that this humble piece of art acts as some kind of relief for people as we try to navigate through the “new normal” world that we presently find ourselves in.

Chris and I wish all of you good health, peace, and happiness today and everyday.

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