Sunday, August 5, 2018


Bunk Gardner joined The Mothers Of Invention in early 1967. Before that happened, he had already participated in the recording of "Themes From The Hip" by the Bud Wattles Orchestra.
After his years with The Mothers, Bunk formed Menage A Trois with his brother Buzz and with John Balkin, and he recorded with Geronimo Black.
Bunk did keep on playing Zappa's music as part of The Grandmothers and with Don Preston as The Don And Bunk Show.
"Bunkmania" collects material from all of these sessions.
In super-fine quality.
Personally, I'm very happy with the Menage A Trois material that can be found on this album.

Beautiful album in a fine digipack.
Essential if you want to know what one of your Grandmothers' career was all about.

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