Friday, August 17, 2018


Around 1989, the Enigma Retro record label re-released quite a number of albums from the Straight, Bizarre and Discreet label. Nice for the Zappa fan as these labels were linked / managed by Herb Cohen (and Frank Zappa).
As a result, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Lord Buckley, The GTO's, and a lot others found their way into the world of CD's.

For one reason or another, Jeff Simmon's "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up", featuring La Marr Bruister (= Frank Zappa), never found its way to a CD re-release.
Until 2008, that is, when the Collector's Choice Music label put it out on a digital disc.
More recently, in 2017, the album got re-released again. This time as a bootleg, on the Greyscale label.

-- additional info : Danny Mathys

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