Sunday, March 27, 2011


I received the following message and the link to the clip from the HeavenHotel label: Coming up soon now: after locking themselves up for a month in the scheldapen, Elko Blijweert, Saar Van de Leest en Joris Caluwaerts have a 3-day special show ready featuring Tip Toe Topic including Joris for the occasion. A promotional clip has been made to share with the rest of the world, now we only have to wait a whole week before the show starts. The live events will be followed every night with a different band: - 31st of March: "Les Blauw" (djangogroep feat. Bjorn Eriksson) - 1st of April: "Angels Die Hard" (new band feat. e.g.. Thomas Noppe of Ow) - 2nd of April: "Clarke Brendham" (electro act feat. Han Swolfs, better known from The Pink Flamingo Fusion Project)

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