Monday, March 7, 2011


Here's a message from fellow Saturnian John on the Sun Ra newsgroup:

Transparency has a new DVD offering that will be new to most everyone. Here are some notes from the Transparency 0318 DVD "Sun Ra - Jazz Session" sleeve:

This black and white portrait of the Arkestra is startlingly beautiful and is possibly the single finest film of the band ever. This surpasses even Space Is The Place in its details of how this tribe conjures the purest magic of costumes, percussion, and joyous science fiction truth.

Captured during a momentary stop in France (1/8/72) on their way back to Oakland after the Autumn/Winter 1971 European and Cairo, Egypt tours, this flawless video recording has never been seen by even the most hard core Sun Ra collectors and discographers.

Produced and Directed by Bernard Lion

01. Somebody Else's World
02. Watusi
03. Discipline
04. Synth

And there's also a new Sun Ra album in the works: "Sun Ra at 'The Red Garter' NYC 1970."

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