Monday, March 21, 2011


From the FidoPlaysZappa newsletter:

- For the first time in its long history FpZ is gonna rock the stage in Bad Doberan's ZAPPANALE 22 on Sunday August 21 this summer, featuring the 3 Zappa-Alummni Ike Willis, Bobby Martin & Ray White. We're happy to finally play europe's (the world's? the universe's??) biggest Zappa-Festival and are looking forward to meeting some of you there!

- "Too Big To Fail", FpZs still brandnew acoustic album is now available digitally in all major stores, eg:

- We had some nice & polite critics for the album we don't want to deprive you of; while some people like cupkaces better, some even preferred our contemporary 16minute-artyfarty-epic-hit musician's salary to all the rest. Maybe a good idea for the next album?!?

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