Friday, October 19, 2018


Would I go see a Zappa hologram concert?

Well, I've listened to a lot of concerts and recordings of rock bands, jazz ensembles and classical orchestras performing the music of Frank Zappa.
I have albums on which a Zappa tune or a theme is used to improvise on or even to make a complete new composition. Or albums on which FZ is sampled...
And I enjoyed a lot of them.

A hologram setup has endless possibilities.
Imagine a Dweezil Zappa or a Band From Utopia concert where Frank would pop up in 3D in the middle of a song to play a guitar solo ! A guitar solo that we already know, or maybe even one that we have never heard before ? It makes me smile already.
Or a holloFrank that conducts a new arrangement, or a whole new piece all together.
Or gigantic Bruce Bickford clay figures that take over the stage.

So would I go to a Zappa hologram concert ? With top musicians live on stage ? Performing the music of Frank Zappa ?
With musical fragments of 2D or 3D Frank ? And with other 2D and 3D extravaganza ?
I sure would.
Maybe even twice.

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