Thursday, February 15, 2018


Barry Hansen (aka Dr. Demento) will turn 77 in a couple months.
The Demented Punk Records Records label recently put out a 2 CD set entitled "Dr Demento Covered In Punk".
The album has Barry presenting punk version of tunes by artists that are forever linked to Dr. Demento's radio show like Barnes & Barnes (Fish Heads !!), Weird Al Yankowic or Frank Zappa.

Amazing (and hilarious).
Disc two includes Dr. Demento and Moon Zappa introducing Dale Bozzio doing 'Disco Boy', but there's also a great version of 'My Guitar' by the Meatmen.
Or as Barry says : "Every Dr. Demento Tribute Compilation needs a Frank Zappa song or two".

Also out as a 3 LP set in two different editions (colored vinyl and multi-colored something).

Here's a picture of Bleecker Bob (of the famous NYC record store) & FZ.

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