Friday, February 23, 2018


Here's something special.
Satantango's first album (released on the Italian Wallace Records label) includes 10 tracks (1 to 10), but the album also lists a track 0 (zero).

And it's this hidden track that caught my interest as it's Satantango performing Don Van Vliet's 'Clear Spot'.
Unfortunately, I can't get it to play. A Google search told me that I have to use the rewind button to get to the track, but that doesn't do the trick...
Tried some other things as well, but as of yet, no luck...


  1. Here's an idea: Queens of the Stone Age CD 'Songs for the Deaf' has a hidden track 0 at the beginning. To play it, you begin playing the first track, and while still in Play mode, hit Rewind. You'll hear it play backwards for a bit, then silence. Let go of Rewind, while still in Play mode. That works on a Sony Discman; not sure what other players though. The Satantango may be similar. Good Luck!


  2. I'll give it another go later today... Thanks.