Sunday, February 25, 2018


from Jezus Factory Webshop :

Exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The BRAND NEW and third Condor Gruppe album 'Interplanetary Travels' is released on 16th March and available to pre order.

Condor Gruppee is back with a new record, Interplanetary Travels. The title hinting at Sun Ra is no coincidence. Pushing their musical boundaries even further, Condor Gruppe recorded 8 new songs that give you the creepy feel of a horror scene, the heroism of the best film scores and the hypnotizing grooves of jungle tribes. Diverse, yet exciting and challenging enough to give you a mesmerizing trip through the band’s own dusty record shelves.

“Just like a little child pulling his balloon back to earth while walking around exploring”, that is Condor Gruppe music…

Condor Gruppe are: Michiel (guitar), Jan (bass), Krist (drums), Kris (keys, guitar), Milan W. (guitar), Dirk (trumpet, percussion), Matti (sax, percussion), Nicolas (sitar), Hanne (Baritone Sax), Rozanne (Horn)


  • 16.03: ROMA – ANTWERP, BE
  • 17.03: AB – BRUSSEL, BE
  • 30.03: NEST – GHENT, BE
  • 18.04: HET DEPOT – LEUVEN, BE

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