Monday, April 19, 2010


When I added the entry for Spaceways Incorporated last week, I also mentioned the Spaceways Inc / Zu collaboration. So here's a bit more on Zu:

Zu is an italian trio. It consists of

  • Luca Mai: baritone saxophone
  • Massimo Pupillo: bass
  • Jacopo Battaglia: drums

On "The Way Of The Animal Powers", Fred Lomberg-Holm joins the trio.
Zu plays experimental rock music. It's a sort of free jazz, but with a heavy angle.

"The Way Of The Animal Powers" got released on CD in 2005 on the now defunct Xeng label. It got re-issued last month on vinyl (180 g, swirled vinyl).

I really like this. Nice compositions, fine improvisations.
Fred Lomberg-Holm's cello adds an impressive, almost agressive tone to the recording. Dissonant and scratching at times, Fred's cello is the perfect counterbalance for Luca Mai's baritone sax.

You can find samples of the latest Zu album, "Carboniferous" at

available from

2010/04/23 Brankaleone Roma
2010/04/24 Cas*Aupa Udine
2010/04/25 Arena Wien
2010/04/26 Roxy Prague
2010/04/27 Cassiopeia Berlin
2010/04/28 Beatpool Dresden
2010/04/29 Asymmetry Festival Wroclaw
2010/04/30 Menza Pri Koritu-Metelkova Ljubljana
2010/05/02 La Centrale Pisa
2010/05/09 M4 Brussels
2010/05/11 Rockerill Marchienne-au-Pont, Charleroi
2010/05/12 Antipode Rennes
2010/05/14 Dom Moscow
2010/05/15 Skif Festival St.Petersburg
2010/05/18 Ground Zero Lyon
2010/05/19 L’Usine Geneve
2010/05/20 SAS Delemont
2010/05/22 Vandoeuvre/Festival Musiques Actions Nancy
2010/05/23 De Kreun/Sinxen Festival Kortrijk
2010/05/27 Musikcafeen Copenhagen
2010/05/29 Blitz Oslo
2010/05/31 Kuudes Linja Helsinki
2010/06/01 Clubi Turku
2010/06/04 Musikcafeen Aarhus
2010/06/05 DB’s Studio Utrecht
2010/06/19 Lustando Festival Lu Monferrato(AL)
2010/06/30 Rock Island Festival Bottanuco (BG)

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