Friday, April 9, 2010




Museum video retrospective and performance
Apr/08/10 07:50 AM

The Berkeley Art Museum will pay tribute to The Residents at long last with a video retrospective on June 9th at the Pacific Film Archives. Also the CD-ROM of Freak Show will be demonstrated.
Associated with that will be an experimental performance on June 4th.
The Residents will present an acoustic set in one of the galleries of the art museum.
I suspect things will get very interesting when the guitars and computers are eliminated.
Note that neither Randy, Chuck, or Bob will be performing. Don’t expect to hear material from Talking Light. In fact I don’t think there will be any Residents material performed at all. It is stranger than that. More suitable for an art museum event.
The museum is not a theater or venue, so I suspect space is limited.
Also under discussion for those still wanting to see The Residents presentation of Randy, Chuck and Bob in Talking Light in the San Francisco Bay Area, watch for that later in the year.

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