Friday, April 9, 2010


Here's a newsflash from RalphAmerica:

Howdy Residents friend,

To let you know:

Dollar General, a new Residents release, is now available for pre-sale at

This is an instrumental release, and if you attended the Talking Light shows a few months ago, you were greeted by music playing in the venue as you found your seat. Well, now is your chance to experience that feeling again. Named after a memorable (or, perhaps, extremely unmemorable) rest stop in Texas, Dollar General is a new digipak CD package, with 850 copies available, as this is the LAST RALPH AMERICA LIMITED EDITION CD. EVER!

We'll have more on that at a future date, but for now, you should be sure to procure your copy of Dollar General!

ALSO: DVD sale! All DVDs are on sale at RalphAm, so if you never picked up a copy of the SURROUND SOUND ESKIMO or original ICKY FLIX, the LIVE DEMONS DANCE ALONE or LIVE ICKY FLIX!

See ya at the Ralph corner store:

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