Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"Low Yo Yo Stuff" is a Dutch theater production about the live and music of Captain Beefheart.

It's performed by Frank Lammers en Magic Band.
Frank Lammers is a Dutch actor. The Magic Band consists of musicians from the Dutch alternative rock / jazz scene.

The Magic Band
  • Wouter Planteijdt: guitar player and leading man of Sjako!
  • Dolf Planteijdt: guitar player of Morzelpronk, producer of The Ex
  • Joost Buis: trombone player, lapsteel-guitar player, band leader of the Astronotes
  • RenĂ© van Barneveld (aka Tres Manos): guitar player for Urban Dance Squad
  • Richard Heijerman: drummer of Morzelpronk en Sjako!
Directed by Ko van den Bosch

Info from the web:
"Low Yo Yo Stuff is a hallucinating trip through the live and world of captain Beefheart. Low Yo Yo Stuff searches for Captain Beefhearts' lost record, the album Beefheart and the Magic Band recorded in 1973 but which was never released because of legal trials and tribulations".

Thursday, April 15 until Saturday, April 17, plus Thursday April 22 until Saturday, April 24, at the Machinefabriek in Groningen, NL.

Theater de Machinefabriek
2010/04/15 & 2010/04/16 : shows at 20.30 en 22.30 uur
2010/04/17 : show at 20.30 uur
2010/04/22 & 2010/04/23 : shows at 20.30 en 22.30 uur
2010/04/24 : show at 20.30 uur

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