Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yes, you read it right. The actual bandname & title for this release is "The Muffins with Marshall Allen & Knoel Scott: Loveletter #2 - The Ra Sessions".

For my taste, The Muffins embody what progressive rock / avant-jazz is all about. This is a band that plays high energy, instrumental, adventurous music.The band has recorded some ten albums, and at least a couple of them deserve your extra attention.

"Loveletter #2" got recorded in January 2004 in Baltimore. The liner-notes say that this album got recorded during the final sessions for the "Double Negative" album, which make this disc its companion.
The difference with the previous albums and projects is that the 7 tracks on this album are improvisations. The structures were laid out by The Muffins, and the rest was improvised.
It's wonderful to hear how well Arkestra members Marshall Allen and Noel Scott feel at easy in this environment.
I really like this album. While listening, you hear how the pieces get shaped, get formed, and grow.


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