Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Thoughts on Money
Copyright 2009 John Trubee

The capital of the wealthy would not grow without the labor of the workers at their companies and the folks who consume the goods and services produced by the companies. If you impoverish the workers with low wages, no one will buy the goods and services that the companies owned by the wealthy produce, and all will suffer. It is a three legged stool--owners/Capitalists, workers, and consumers. Favoring one group over the others is like making a stool with one leg way longer than the others---it will not stand. Hence the near economic disaster last year.

As a worker I place great value on the time and energy in my life and what I produce with it--especially in my creative areas. Grand accumulations of money just are not very interesting to me, nor are those who amass it. Hungering over money is extremely common, thus it vulgarizes us all.

What we do after we get enough money to live decently is what makes people really interesting--or very boring. Do they buy toys, or help others, or produce art?

This is much more insightful and meaningful than the tiresome and vulgar accumulation of wealth.

The conflation of capital with virtue and integrity is a mythological construct which needs to be prodded, poked, and questioned.

Capital accrues in all sorts of ways that often have nothing to do with virtue, integrity, intelligence, and hard work.

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