Saturday, September 28, 2019


Stef Kamil Carlens' new album!!
If you're familiar with Zita Swoon or with Stef Kamil's previous release, "Stuck In The Status Quo", you sort of know what to expect and you won't be disappointed.
Quite the contrary, actually.

Here's 'My Soul Is In The Desert' :

‘‘Back On The Road‘‘, a road trip that takes you to a dusty, hot desert, kicks off the album impressively and is also the new single, which is now available everywhere.

"Someone leaves his house, his cocoon, his security, his permanent place and starts to travel. He has done it before, so the feeling of being on the road and the places where he ends up are familiar. Or does he recognize a world he has seen before in a dream? His garden, where roses once bloomed, is overgrown with weeds and bamboo. His old familiar house has been swallowed up by nature, but his heart beats like never before, and he feels his blood rush through his veins like a wild stream."


28/09/2019 - Zaventem BE - De Factorij
04/10/2019 - Middelburg NL - De Spot
12/10/2019 - Hamont-Achel BE - Cinema Walburg
23/10/2019 - Brussels BE - Ancienne Belgique
24/10/2019 - Kortrijk BE - De Kreun
30/10/2019 - Sint Niklaas BE - De Casino
08/11/2019 - Groningen NL - Vera
09/11/2019 - Brugge BE - Cactus Club
12/11/2019 - Leuven BE - Het Depot
16/11/2019 - Amsterdam NL - Paradiso
21/11/2019 - Breda NL - Mezz
22/11/2019 - Maastricht NL - Muziekgieterij
26/11/2019 - Gent BE - Handelsbeurs
28/11/2019 - Antwerpen BE - De Roma

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