Saturday, May 18, 2019


What a fun week it was...
We went to see tBWoFZ (the Bizarre World of Frank Zappa) in London (UK) and in Oostende (BE).

I loved it.
Reverse karaoké, that's what it was. Musicians playing live to accompany a pre-recorded vocal part or guitar solo by the late Frank Zappa.
Mixing classic sing-alongs with (my favourite) more complex and instrumental compositions.
Top musicians with completely over-the-top projected animation and graphics, including some gigantic Bruce Bickford claymation clips.

Paraphrasing (the amazing !!) Mike Keneally during the Oostende concert : "Frank Zappa's music is a friend for life."

Here's a shot of Hot Dog Frank playing a guitar solo. This had me laughing out loud.

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