Wednesday, May 29, 2019


50 years ago, Geronimo Black was founded by Jimmy Carl Black, Ray Collins, Denny Walley, Andy Cahan, Tjay Cantrelli, Bunk Gardner and Tom Leavey.
The band started performing in 1968 (in-between Mothers Of Invention gigs as 4 of the members were in Frank Zappa's band) and released their first album in 1972.
Unfortunately, due to a bad record deal, the band did not last long.
An attempt to revive was made in 1980 when Helios Records released "Welcome Back Geronimo Black", an album that got recorded in 1971/1972.
More recently, Andy Cahan provided recordings of some live and studio recordings from 1968/1969 to Munster Records. The result can be heard on "Freak Out Phantasia" an impressive release, both artwork and music wise.

Essential !!

8 tracks on the LP. The enclosed CD adds 4 more.

Out on Munster Records :

Here's an example of a more psychedelic exercise :

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