Wednesday, March 7, 2018


On their website, Twang explain:
Twang is an electric string band (with drums) from the Boston/Worcester megalopolis. We've been playing out together since January 1999 in bars and restaurants, although three of us have been together since our 1980's old time string band 'The Chicken Chokers'.

We play original songs - written by Paul Strother, Bob Jordan, Taylor Smith, and James Reidy. We cover 1950's-60's country hits, Michael Hurley, Holy Modal Rounders, mento, jug rock, rags, skiffle, Hawaiian, guitar instrumental, and some of the old time fiddle & banjo tunes.

Bob Jordan plays hollow electric guitar (Harmony Rocket) and baritone guitar. Jim Reidy plays National tenor guitar and banjo. Paul Strother plays telecaster. Robbie Phillips plays a one string bass he made called a 'Wombat'. Emily Jackson plays the knockout cocktail drum set. On the CD Taylor "Chip" Smith plays pedal steel and fiddle and Mickey Bones plays various drums, tubs, chairs, grates, refrigerator drawers and, of course, bones.

The "Second Slam" album includes a track called 'Willie & Sadie' and it's a mix of Frank Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp' with some traditional music, with original contributions from PK Strother.
Yep, it's with a twang...

Give it a listen hete:

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