Tuesday, March 6, 2018


A little while ago, I learned that Joe Fiedler recorded Sun Ra's "A Call For All Demons" on his "Big Sackbut" album. A closer look even revealed that the album also included Captain Beefheart / Don Van Vliet's 'Blabber And Smoke'.

"Big Sackbut" not only is the name of the album. It's also the name of Joe Fieder's quartet.

Joe Fiedler: trombone
Ryan Kebrle: trombone
Josh Roseman: trombone
Marcus Rojas: tuba

Yes. Three trombones and one tuba !!
I'm listening to the album while I'm typing this, and it's superb. Not just for the coverversions, but also for the original material !

And if Joe's name rings a bell, that might be because he has recorded with the Ed Palermo Big Band and with Fast 'n Bulbous...

Superb !!

Here's some recent stuff:

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