Monday, October 3, 2016


  • charles bobuck: bobuck plays the residents
        (2016, cd, austria, klanggalerie)
Charles Bobuck has been the composer for The Residents for the last 45 years. He recently quit touring with The Residents, but he's still making music.
The Residents (Randy) (and Nolan Cook) did find a replacement for Chuck as Eric Drew Feldman joined them for their latest tour!!

And now there's "Bobuck Plays The Residents"...
Charles Bobuck's liner notes:
"I have to admit that when Walter Robotka from Klanggalerie first suggested that I record an album of Residents songs, I thought that he was joking considering that I had co-written them. When he said that I should sing the songs, I knew for sure that he was joking. I had never even sung in the shower. I preferred to listen to instrumental music. I always have.

In 2015, Walter released my song collection, THIS, and heard my feeble warbling of 'Never Known Questions'. He said he would like to hear more from me in that stylistic direction.

I lacked confidence that I could make anything that anyone would want to listen to, and asked Walter to act as the voice of reason, a producer, and be brutally honest with me as I sent tests to him.

I think he quickly saw what I was up against, a huge lack of talent, so he started suggesting songs to try from The Residents' vast library that a weak voice could be considered an asset for emoting. Perhaps less singing and more a plea for help.

Over time I started getting into it, I started enjoying singing. Walter said that if I was enjoying myself, that I should stop. It was the lack of comfort, the intangible embarrassment of singing, that gave the recordings their immediacy. That a listener of the album would assume the role of a sadistic voyeur, taking pleasure from hearing me squirm in discomfort.

So here is the result of my squirming for all you sadistic voyeurs.

Charles Bobuck 2016"

Received the album earlier today. It's superb.
Essential listening !!

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