Sunday, September 7, 2014


French band Mörglbl was one of the reasons for me to drive to Switzerland to attend the Zapperlot! Festival.
Mörglbl played on day two: Saturday Aug 16, 2014.

I'm a big fan of Christophe Godin's guitar playing and this was a great opportunity to see him in action again.
Ivan Rougny (on bass) and Aurélien Ouzoulias (on drums) completed the trio.
They played a tight and impessive set (despite the electrical power failure break).
It was loud. Well, very loud, actually, but also very good. And funny.
These guys know how to transmit their energy to the audience.

setlist  (thank you, Chato)
  • Gnocchies On The Block
  • Brutal Romance
  • Monster Within Me
  • Mörglbl Circus
  • Fidel Gastro
  • Tale of Thibault
  • Rude (new song/working title)
  • Glucids In The Sky
  • 22 oz
  • Metal Khartoom

  • Myspacebook
picture by stv

Here's a fragment from their recent live DVD.

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