Saturday, May 11, 2013


Zappa 12" available for pre-order at

the message from the ZFT :

Yeah. We couldn't help it. It's that Special Day for mothers everywhere - still mean and almost 50! To commemorate, memorialize and remind that some things never change. No matter what you do, stating the obvious is often the first necessary step to solving a problem. We appreciate your support and authority in representing Frank Zappa's intent as an Artist and Humorist. We gratefully and proudly present this Special Edition* of HELP I'M A ROCK / IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE & WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE? On Red Vinyl, 12" at 45 revolutions per minute. We hope you'll have it in your hot little helpin g hands in time to commemorate the American Revolution. Those were the days.


the barfies

*What's so special? Check this out:
Side 1: HELP I'M A ROCK / IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE Original Stereo 1966 Mix
Side 2: WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE? Original Mono Release
            WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE? Basic Trackings (Rock your own mic!)

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